TODAY was the day we ventured off yet again on another cycling adventure for Ride4Repat, today’s stage was a decent 153km from The Repat Hospital to the lovely township of Meningie. We were all pretty primed and ready as family and friends gathered to wish us good luck on our ride. As we set off through town the good old freight train broke the signals on Cross Rd (bloody trains) so we had to take a Peter Jenkin detour through Goodwood then Unley to Cross Rd. Made it to Strathalbyn with decent time for our morning tea! Yes you heard that correct we get morning tea on this trip that’s how good our terrific support staff are to us!!!!




After morno’s we headed to Wellington via Langhorn Creek, the wind was playing funny buggers with us as at one time we had a tail wind then cross wind, then a bloody head wind!!!!! Everyone soldiered on (pardon the punn), it was quite warm at 32 plus but our support crew always made sure we were hydrated with fresh supply of water. Got into Wellington, and had a terrific lunch at the newly renovated Wellington Courthouse Cafe, bloody terrific hospitality, and the accommodation is very nice and luxurious, with a big comfy beds, and yes i was tempted to say to the team i will meet you at Meningie in the morning! After lunch with NO BEER we headed on our last leg of the day some 43km’s to Meningie, with a tail wind so we averaged around 32km getting in.




Sprint Challenge Series:

As explain to the team at lunch we are running a sprint challenge series brought to you by one of our major sponsors LM Trade Supplies, where the winner will win a $200 voucher to spend at LM Trade. I explained the rules clearly that it starts from the LAST 80km sign post of the last town of the day and finishes at the 60km post, and is only done when safe to do so and no drafting the lead safety vehicle prior to sprint.

So Stage 1 winners are:

Craig Feely 3pts

Rob McFarlane 2pts

Darren O’Grady 1pt

After freshing up for the Meningie Lions and RSL Club where the hospitality was just something out of this world, the food was amazing and the yarns with the locals is something i always appreciate! Presentations were done by Peter Jenkins (Hospice & Ride4Repat) Vicki-Lynne Birks (Amputee Rehab and New Equipment) and i did my usual on my career in the Australian Army.


Team Having A Well Earned Beer at The Meningie Lions & RSL Club

Everybody has turned in with food babies in their belly as i write this blog, i am pretty sure the team had like four servings of the tremendous home cooked buffet that was on offering.

Some Random Pics Of Our Ride Today, (In No Specific Order)









So before i sign off and visit the snoring in my bedroom Ride4Repat would like to thank todays stage sponsor being Ride Mechanic (http://www.ridemechanic.com.au) who have kindly sponsored us with caps, butt cream (yes you heard correct) and the new product Bike Milk for a new formula of have a sparkling clean chain, so please check them out and mention that you heard them from us.



ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER WHY US CRAZY GUYS AND GAL ARE DOING THIS RIDE, which is to raise money and awareness of the two foundations Daw Park Hospice & The Repat Foundation, if you would like to donate then head to my page as i need to bump Peter Jenkins off the leader board!!!!! No seriously the link to the riders page is below. Goodnight and please don’t shoot me if there are spelling mistakes as i am very tired! I know no excuses, also i have taken some footage and will put up a video tomorrow night, bye for now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



6 thoughts on “RIDE4REPAT 2014 DAY 1 ADELAIDE-MENINGIE 153KM

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