Sooo…………. I have started riding the spin bike for the last four days while I have been away with work out in the middle of nowhere in WA. The facilities are pretty good out at the radar installation, actually I think they are awesome, but you are talking about a guy who spent 16 years in the army, so an improvement on sleeping under a hoochie, eating ration packs and making the ground as comfortable as can be is luxury. So since I am not a gym junkie due to my injuries I am limited here, so I decided to relocate the spin bike at site that no-one has utilised inthe last 6 years into my room in front of the T.V. (yes we even have flat screen tv’s in our room).

Never really been a fan of the spin bike or any exercise bike for that matter, I have a trainer at home but I think it has only been used twice, as I am not a fan of putting my precious carbon bike on the thing and watching the rear stays flex as I cycle. So after giving the spin bike a dust off and removing any outback wildlife that has decided to make this their home, I put on the TdF 2011 dvd and decided to take my Physio’s (Stan the Man) advice and that is when the peloton speed up, I speed up, when the sprinters sprint I sprint, and when the hill climbers climb I adjust the resistance, you thought I was going to say I climb please………………… how can I climb on a spin bike LOL.

Well I am hooked to say the least, I love the spin bike, and watching the TdF makes it even more interesting, time seems to go a lot quicker and I seem to notice more details about the stages than when watching it back in July when I had my fat arse planted on the sofa then had to get said arse surgically removed from sofa.  I have noticed it takes a lot more effort and I struggle with just 50mins on it, and man I sweat like a fat dude stuck in a phone box (I can get away with saying that as I am somewhat large! or solid…. or bulky…… nah maybe largish.). So now I am thinking of  procuring a spin bike, they seem rather expensive, but a website that sells cheap stuff have them now & then for around $250-$300. If someone has some knowledge in this area please let me know. I am thinking this would be a great investment, as when I get the squids (week on week off) I have trouble finding time to get on the bike for an enduring ride, plus this would be I think an added bonus during winter when I seem to put my skirt on and say it is way too cold for my fat arse to get on the bike. Anyways it has been good as it has kept my legs spinning, but I cannot wait until I can get back on the TCR when I get home next week.


At Ride4Repat we have had some success with sponsorship, so my aim is to highlight them to enormous amount of peeps that read my blog, lol. Well every little plug or non-paid advertisement helps. So with my daily blogs I will kindly have a spot with one of our many great sponsors, because that’s the kind of guy I am, and that is how I roll…………!

Classic Fruit Muesli Bars

Lightly toasted wholegrain oats with honey, cinnamon, gourmet nuts and dried fruit. Soft and chewy. Made from Carman’s Classic Fruit Muesli with the simple addition of glucose and natural vanilla. Made in Australia from the best ingredients we can find in Australia and around the world. They are low in GI, high in fibre & wheat free. So they must be good, i have had a few and i am trusting that these bars will keep me going on the 900km adventure!! so peeps you can grab these bars and many more products from Woolies or Coles, i guess whichever one of these two is having the war of the grocery field! Not a bad plug maybe I should venture into advertising?……… *insert sound of crickets here*

Ok peeps until next time catchya later, stay rubber side down!


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